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In the initial stage of the automobile engine, the generator will drive the engine to supply power for the automobile electrical system. Therefore, in addition to the start of the generator to provide all the power supply of the whole car, the rest of the time provided by the battery power. In particular, engine start and lighting lighting, the need to provide a powerful battery power.

In order to maintain the good working condition of the battery and prolong its service life, we should do the following:

Always check whether the battery is firmly installed, including the connection line and the connection is reliable, good contact. Otherwise, the car bumps in the road when traveling, will lead to battery jitter and even fall off and damage, the line loose will likely lead to the production of electric sparks.

Before each flameout, the car should be turned off all electrical switches, so as not to start the current consumption.

Do not open the air conditioning in the idle state of the car. Because at this time the engine speed is slow, the generator to the battery charging is not enough to afford the electric power required for the operation of the car air conditioning, and can only consume the battery itself power, for a long time, the battery will accelerate the loss.

Pay attention to cleaning and rust. It is necessary to pay attention to the timely cleaning of the battery pole on the oxide, sulfate, dust, dirt, etc..

Do not arbitrarily replace the battery capacity than the original capacity of the battery. Because the generator is on the car is fixed, such as for a large capacity battery will lead to the lack of electric charge, the car can not start smoothly, the long-term deficit will go bad faster battery.

If the battery is not used for a long time, it will slowly self discharge until scrapped. Therefore, a certain time should start a car, and the throttle control in the middle speed of 20 minutes to charge the battery. Or unplug the two electrodes on the battery, the need to pay attention to the first pull off the negative line, or remove the negative electrode and chassis connections. Then pull out the other end with the positive mark (+).

Charge: pay close attention to battery overcharge or long-term loss of electricity. Overcharge will lead to the plate active material hardening off, electrolyte accelerated evaporation, resulting in irreversible damage. Lose electricity plate curing. Therefore, the main guarantee that the voltage regulator can not be too high or too low.

Battery has a certain service life, to a certain period of time to be replaced. In the same time to replace the order to follow, but when the electrode line up, the order is the opposite, the first positive electrode, and then the negative electrode.

When the current table pointer display storage capacity is insufficient, should be promptly charged. Battery charge capacity can be reflected on the dashboard. Sometimes the power is not found in the road, the engine will not start another flame, as a temporary measure, to other vehicles can help, with their vehicle's battery to start the vehicle, the anode and cathode two batteries connected to the anode and the cathode is connected.

In the start of the car, the use of the opportunity to start the use of battery lead to damage due to excessive discharge. The correct method of operation is to start the engine every time the total length of not more than 5 seconds, the start time interval of not less than 15 seconds. In the case of the car is still unable to start many times from the circuit, ignition coil or other aspects of the oil to find reasons.

Always check the parts of the circuit where there is no aging or short circuit. To prevent the battery from excessive discharge and early retirement.

Hydrometer: this device can be installed on the maintenance free battery to indicate the storage battery state and the electrolyte level. When the proportion of gauge of eye is green, indicating that the charge is enough, the battery is normal; when the eye is black or green indicating little, indicating the battery needs charging; when the indicator light yellow eye display, indicating the battery internal fault, the need for repair or replacement.

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