A few strokes teach you to determine whether you need to replace the car battery?

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For each driver for each component should be well aware of their own car can be responsible for their own lives, compared to male drivers of car research, will have a clear idea of their own car out what how to solve this problem. As for the driver for your car is not quite understand, know the ignition start and drive. But to deep point, replace the battery for his car, some small ideas need to talk to you.

1 how long is the battery life

The design life of the battery is 27 months, the general family car comparison Province, the new car battery is used in many 3-4 years, but after a change in general after about 2 years must be replaced. Taxi comparison fee, a single bus can be used in the first year of the two shuttle bus about 8-10 months or so.

2 factors affecting the service life of automotive batteries

Several factors affecting the life of the battery is the vehicle, road conditions, driver habits, general vehicle is a new battery, because more good use, battery, motor generator for charging the battery fully after the car is old, especially the two large motor generator replacement, due to the market of the two products the original goods and refurbished goods, so the owners of huge difference easily without changing the original accessories, after the battery more easily broken.

3 can you install the car battery

Men have general tools are no problem, tool needs 10 opening wrench, 13, or 14 of a T-shaped wrench, a screwdriver, pliers, cross almost.

4 is how to buy car battery

For their own choice of battery models, brands are very important, the next is the quality of the election, the election of the performance price ratio, as important as after-sales service.

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